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Fair Trade at SJV

Faith In Action Thanks You

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October Fair Trade Sale! As you know, when you purchase Fair Trade products, you are enabling some of our neediest brothers and sisters to better their own and their families’ lives!

Since we started the Fair Trade Fund in June of 2014, through your donations and monies received above the cost of the products, we have provided over $535 in Fair Trade and environmentally friendly products to parish and community grps, including our Hospitality team (for Handicapables, ministry leadership events, and other hos- pitality needs); supplies for last March’s Safe Parking program; Stewardship and Outreach events, our school’s EarthDay program, Casa de Clara, Catholic Worker House of Hospitality, and a Diocesan Global Concerns meeting, among others. We also donated $50 to a small loan program for a Fair Trade farmer in Latin America. Prior to June, 2014, with Fair Trade sales’ proceeds, we donated $1114.45 to our Community Center Building Fund.

If you belong to an SJV parish or SJV school group and would like to hear more about Fair Trade and/or receive free Fair Trade products for you meetings, please let us know! This is what the Fair Trade Fund is for! Contact Darby Cunning,