Anthony Barajas

Anthony Barajas

Principal, St. John Vianney School

Contact: 408-258-7677

Anthony Barajas, our new school principal, was born in San Francisco but moved to East San Jose when he was about five years old. This is home for him. He has lived in Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish as well as Most Holy Trinity Parish. Anthony attended Ocala Middle School and Overfelt High School.  Mr. Barajas is currently a member of Santa Teresa Parish. He has four sisters and they also are proud college graduates.

Anthony was blessed with some great teachers and mentors at Overfelt High School and in the parishes where he lived as a child. Mr. Rick Esparza, an Administrator for East Side Union High School District was and remains a true inspiration for Anthony and helped guide him to where he is today. He guided Anthony into the world of education and pushed him to wrestle in high school, which in turn led Anthony to all the other opportunities in college and beyond.  Anthony also served as an Altar Boy under Fr. John Sandersfeld. His time with Fr. John had a truly deep impact on his life.

Anthony attended West Valley College and San Francisco State University where he earned a degree in Social Science. Later he earned his Teaching Credential and Administrative Credential through National University. He taught for six years in the East Side Union High School District and was an administrator for twelve years in San Jose Unified School District. His most recent position was as Assistant Principal of Instruction at Burnett Middle School. Growing up in the East Side he remembers always hearing about what a great school we had at St. John Vianney Parish and he is exciting to be joining us as our new principal.

There are many challenges that Mr. Barajas will face in his new position. While the religious aspect of the school is not a particular challenge, the Diocesan School System will be very different from the Public School System that is familiar to him. There are new California State Standards regarding Science and Social Studies coming into play and it will be a challenge to integrate them into the school. But it is a challenge he is prepared for. He is stepping into a position held by a legend so that will also be a challenge. Sr. Michele Anne had set up a culture of shared leadership which Anthony hopes to continue to build upon, recognizing that is takes the whole village to raise our children.

In his rare spare time, Anthony loves to coach a soccer team in the downtown area, where he can share his love of the sport while mentoring kids who need a strong positive male mentor in their lives.