Christmas is here, and with it the end of 2015. On behalf of the Saint John Vianney Finance Council, we would like to wish a Happy and Joyful Christmas to all of you. We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you, and also reflect on some important milestones in the life of our community in the year about to end.

Looking back at 2015, a number of other events stand out in the life of our community.

In January,  with the guidance of Oscar Lombardi of TLT, SJV Finance Council started the formulation of a budget team to state goals and objectives.

ADA pledge weekend started with great success with an upbeat sentiment that SJV parishioners were pleased and inspired with the financial transparencies.

In February,  SJV conducted the inaugural address of Saint John Vianney Today in the community center.  The primary goal was for Father Steve to address the parishioners about the overall state of the church, state the vision, review what we have accomplished and where we are heading.  The objective was clearly achieved.

In March, SJV Budget Initiative.  Team members of the Finance Council and Pastoral Council met to launch the 2015-2016 budget program for our Parish.  This marked the beginning of a number of key activities to be taken place over the rest of the year including the formation and implementation of our Stewardship drive.

In April we communicated to the parishioners regarding the 2015-2016 budget initiative.  The primary message of the communication was to inform about the followings:

  • Continued effective management of expenses
  • Make required investments a reality by increased contribution of Time, Talent and Treasure.
  • Move towards a stable foundation for the growth of a parish community in which the Christian way of life can flourish.

In May, SJV concluded the 2015 ADA campaign with results that beat all previous statistics !  The ADA was expected to the largest ever.

In June, Installation Mass of Father Steve Brown. It was great! The mass was beautifully done, the turn out was impressive as was the celebration on the Rectory lawn. Our parish community at its best with overwhelming number of volunteers that participated in the mass and helped with the celebration. Our parish showed a real sense of Stewardship in taking ownership in this mass and community celebration, just the spirit we need as we initiate our Stewardship campaign in the fall.

In July, SJV broke grounds with the formations of steps to launch our Stewardship campaign in the fall beginning with “Happy Meter” Questionaire leading to Commitment Sunday.

In August, SJV celebrated Feast Day  and Finance Council announced the 2015-2016 budget proposal to the community.  The message for SJV to clarify its vision and to implement the upcoming stewardship activities in the next several months.

In September,  we kicked off the Stewardship drive with a very successful Happy Meter survey.  The overall response was overwhelmingly positive.  We also passed out the brown devotional prayer books at mass in Spetember.

In October,  Ministry Mingle Fair party with food, music and information tables for each ministry

In November, Commitment Sunday !!  Over 200 parishioners expressed interest in serving on one of the ministries we listed on the Commitment Form, with every ministry having at lease one parishioner interested in serving.  We also passed out the Prayer Books for Advent.

In December, Our Sunday offertory collections continued to rise significantly higher than last year, due in part to the success of our Sharing of our Time Treasure and Talents Stewardship conducted over the entire yearl!!

Year-end reflection meeting with Father Steve and Dennis Brown to discuss 2016 ADA and continued Stewardship messages.

We wish you all a Joyful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Mark Johnson and Van Pham, Co-Chairs of the Parish Council