St. John Vianney Parish offers Sacramental Preparation as well as ongoing Religious Education opportunities for children and adults. Each of the Sacraments has specific requirements. Baptism is the sacrament that makes us members of the Family of God and the Roman Catholic Church. Usually offered to infants but also available for older children and adults, there are appropriate programs for each. Confirmation is normally offered to High School age, but is also available for adults through the RCIA process. Marriage preparation is also required. For more information on all Sacraments, contact the Parish Office at 408-258-7832.

*For more information and who to contact for each ministry, please visit the Ministries Page and download the current Ministries Catalog.

Baptism Adults -- Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Adults seeking to be baptized or confirmed in the Roman Catholic Church participate in a Faith Formation process called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).  Confirmed Catholics able to share their own faith journeys work with these seekers.

* Meetings: English – Tuesday at 7:00PM at the Guadalupe Room Parish Office

Unbaptized adults and children who complete this process will celebrate the three sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil:  Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. We warmly welcome all those inquiring about becoming baptized.

RCIA is directed by David & Anchella . Contact her at 408-258-7832 x13.

Baptism for children over the age of 7

Children preparing for sacraments attend the regular Religious Education program on Thursday evenings (or attend the Catholic school) and participate in monthly meetings on Sundays (9:00-11:15 AM). The schedule for the monthly Sunday meetings is given after registration.

Baptism of Children over the age of 7 is coordinated  by Ms. Cook, You may contact Ms. Cook for more information at (408) 258-7832 ext. 24

Baptism (Children age 0 to 6 years)

Families interested in Baptism for their children must first arrange an interview through the Parish Office. Then parents and godparents attend a Baptism Preparation class prior to setting a date for their child to be baptized. English and Spansih classes are available each month. You can take the class before the baby is born. Children should be attending ongoing Faith Formation classes at the same time.

For more information about Baptism, see the Forms page.

First Reconciliation (Confession) and First Eucharist (Communion)

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are offered as a combined preparation program only.

You may register for First Reconciliation/First Eucharist if your child has already completed one full year of religious education, either in a parish program or at a Catholic school, and is in at least 2nd grade or higher.

A copy of the child’s Baptism certificate is required at the time of registration.

There will be multiple parent meetings that will include spiritual reflections, prayer, and Catechesis on Catholic traditions and Sacramental preparation.

Children in the English Faith Formation and RCIA Word Process will faithfully attend classes on Thursdays from 6:30 TO 8:00 PM.

One year of religious education formation is required before your child can be included in the sacrament preparation process. Preparing for First Eucharist is a very special time for your child.  Our sacramental preparation is considered to be a “family program” and is designed to take place “in the midst of the community of the faithful.”

Confirmation Preparation (High School Age)

Mary Ann Andrade coordinates the High School Confirmation Preparation Program. Registration for the program is open from May through mid-August. Currently, it is a two-year program running from September to May. There are required parent meetings, activity days (Including prayer and educational experiences), weekly student meetings (Thursdays from 6:15 PM to 8:30 PM in the Main Hall and school classrooms). The whole group participates in community service projects, the 6:00 PM Sunday Mass,  a Youth Ministry retreat, and a Confirmation retreat. Sponsors for each Confirmation candidate are carefully chosen and involved in the year-long process, including meetings, service projects and Mass. The Sacrament of Confirmation is usually conferred in April or May. Mary Ann wishes to thank the great team of Catechists and Youth Core Team members for their commitment to the youth of St. John Vianney Parish. For registration, click here.

Mary Ann Andrade: Confirmation & Youth Ministry Director | 408-258-7832 Ext. 18 or Email

Confirmación para los Grados 9-12

Mary Ann Andrade también coordina el Programa de Preparación de Confirmación para la Preparatoria. Inscripciones para el programa está abierto desde mayo hasta mediados de agosto, para miembros de la parroquia SJV. Actualmente, es un programa de un año inicia de septiembre a mayo. Se requiere juntas con los padres, días de actividad (Incluyendo rezo y experiencias educativas), juntas de estudiantes semanalmente (jueves de 6:15 PM a 8:30 P.M. en el Salón Principal y los salones de la escuela). Todo el grupo participa en los proyectos de servicio para la comunidad, la misa del domingo 6:00 PM, y un retiro de Confirmación. Los padrinos para cada candidato de Confirmación son seleccionados cuidadosamente y participan en el proceso de todo el año, incluyendo juntas, proyectos de servicio y Misa. El Sacramento de la Confirmación generalmente se consulta en abril o mayo. Mary Ann desea agradecer al gran equipo de Catequistas y a los miembros de Equipo Juventud Core por su compromiso con los jóvenes de la Parroquia St. John Vianney.

Mary Ann Andrade: Confirmation & Youth Ministry Director | 408-258-7832 Ext. 18 or Email

Catholic Engaged Encounter in Spanish

Meetings weekly on Fridays at 6:00PM in people’s homes. Registration required. For more information, visit the website at

Encuentro Matrimonial

Meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM at the school. For more information contact the Parish Office.