Catechetical Corner

Jesus heals the sick and drives out evil spirits

From the desk of Ms. Kathleen Cook, Director of Religious Education

Theme:  Jesus cures Simon’s mother-in-law and many others as well.

Scripture: That evening after sunset the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed. The whole town gathered at the door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases. Mark 1:32-34a

Jesus was always kind and helpful to the people he met. One day he was in the home of Simon Peter. Peter’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a fever. Jesus went into the room where she was and took her by the hand and helped her out of bed. When Jesus touched her, the fever left her immediately.

Later that evening people brought everyone who was sick and those who were demon-possessed so that Jesus could heal them.

The Scripture says that the whole town was gathered around outside the door. Jesus healed the sick and drove out evil spirits.

Jesus showed his love by caring for those who needed his healing touch. The next time you want to let someone know how much you care for them, remember that we show others we care, not just by sending them gifts, but by showing acts of kindness each and every day—just like Jesus did.

Dear Father, Jesus taught us how to care for one another. Help us to follow his example and show our love by acts of kindness toward others. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Reflect: If a word or phrase from the Gospel captures your heart, sit quietly for several minutes, repeating it to yourself and asking God to show you how it applies to your life. Or reflect and possibly journal on the following questions: How do I react when I’m around people who are seriously ill or disabled? Who inspires you by their compassion for those who are sick?

Suggested book that compliments today’s Gospel:

A Castle on Viola Street

Written by Dy Anne DiSalvo


Family Discussion: We know from last week’s Gospel that Jesus gathered and prayed with the community in the synagogue. Today we learn that Jesus also took the time to pray alone. Following the example of Jesus, we also pray together with our community, and we take the time to pray alone. Our children observe our prayer with others. We might want to take the opportunity to talk with them about our private prayer, however, so that through our example, they may learn to make private prayer an important part of their daily lives.

Gather as a family and talk about the ways in which your family prays together (at Mass, grace before meals, bedtime prayers). Invite each member of the family to talk about his or her private prayer: When do you pray? Where do you pray? How do you pray? What do you pray for?

Jesus modeled for us a life of prayer. Read together today’s Gospel, Mark 1:29-39. Talk about this Gospel with your family. Ask questions such as the following: What do you think Jesus was praying about in today’s Gospel? What guidance have you received from God in prayer? Conclude by asking God to bless our times of prayer so that we can know and follow God’s ways. Pray together the Lord’s Prayer.